The structure is very small and is made of two bedroom, in each of them you get a bathroom with shower, air conditioning, TV, and WiFi connection.
The structure is very quite and is part of an historical building made of three apartaments.
The toll parking is by nearest areas around the structure.
Many and exclusive services for tourists come with our collaboration with OzioEspresso, here to offer on location, it’s professionality, may that be for personal leisure rather than for business.
You can choose to join our services on locations or you can book them together with your reservation to make sure you receive the perfect services for your stay. We will look after every detail.


Food and Beverage:

  • Consierge and assistance by the best restaurants;
  • Consierge and assistance by the best shopping point for Olive Oils and Wine;
  • Happy Hour in the cooles spots of the City.

Welnness Services, Spa and Spare Time:

  • Spa Day by Asmana Wellness World;
  • Wellness and massages by OzioEspresso;
  • Dj set foto the night in Prato, Firenze e Pistoia;
  • Tour Bus to Outlet Barberino del Mugello e The Mall - Incisa Valdarno.

Business Services:

  • Conference Room;
  • Law Assistance on location;
  • Real Estates;
  • Mail boxes services;
  • Buses going and return to Florence Airport and Florence City Centre.

“Se voi non siete stati a vostro modo, vostro danno, non ci fuste venuti; che chi fa quel che sa, non è tenuto a far di più: Io vi ricordo che son fanciugli. Addio, a ristorarvi un’altra volta” cit. La Trinuzia.