The name of the building comes form the homonym opera from Angola Firenzuola, writer born in Florence on the 28th September 1493, to whom the City of Prato hold his corpses in 1543 and entitled one of the main City Centre street, Via Firenzuola, which in the past were one the most wealthy street, full of shops and facilities.
La Trinuzia is the City Centre Room of Prato. It is just 30mt away from the Dome, hearth of the “Laniera” city art. The room is completely renewed and it is my first ever step into the tourism field.
Sorry, I was about to forget to introduce myself. My name is Leonardo Guarducci and I’m the landlord of la Trinuzia. Born and live in Prato ever since, with the skill and passion to learn and grow my mind and knowledgment by discovering new places for personal wellness, and everything that that means to me.

Often the easiest things, are nothing less than luxury or superior if managed exclusivly. I was curios to go through this journey, so I got the change to do it with this apartment which was given to me by inheritance from my father Riccardo. He used to work in some other business, and during our many night chats, he used to tell me how he would have loved to do something like this, even managing an Hotel. Who knows, maybe one day i will be able to make his wish come true. Never say never.
Anyway, as far as I am concerned, just let me tell you that Prato is such a beautiful city.
Here were born such important names, from literature, art and cinema, and sport. Just to mention some of them: Francesco De Marco Datini, Filippino Lippi, Curzio Malaparte, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Roberto Benigni, Francesco Nuti, Paolo Rossi, Iuri Chechi, ext.
Prato is full of important monuments, churches historical buildings and museums that do deserve to be visited, even by those who stops here just by chance.
Beautiful Palazzo Pretorio is renovated and open to tourists since 2008. Beautiful Paints by Filippino Lippi (Pittore), the monument to Francesco de Marco Datini in Piazza del Comune, The Emperor Castle Federico Barbarossa, il Pulpito di Donatello, la sculture named “Forma squadrata con taglio” di Henry Spencer Moore in Piazza San Marco renemaned by Prato’s citizens “IL BUHO di MUR” and given to the city in1974, the Museo Pecci of contemporary Art, freshly renovated and rebuilt, il Museo del Tessuto and the beautiful Theatre Metastasio and Politeama Pratese.
I love talking about my city and I would never stop, but, as you may suppose it’s quite impossibile to name just everything.
So much culture, history and traditions, and still, a lot more to do to get it to be known by international tourism.
La Trinuzia is really close to the train station Prato Porta al serraglio (200mt) with is well connected to Firenze Santa Maria Novella, the main one in Florence
Last but not least, How can I not mention the main food inspiration of the city like the Mortadella di Prato, Sedani alla Pratese, Cantucci and Brutti Boni from Forno Mattei, and bar magnolfi doughnuts and Caffè Bacchino.

Dates to mention:
08 September Showing of the Sacra Cintola e Corteggio Storico
26 dicembre Patron of The City Santo Stefano